"Love is the only force capable of transforming the enemy into a friend." 

Martin Luther King Jr.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." Lao Tzu

Gina Bate 

"You can't effect the cards that you are dealt, but you can determine how you play them".                Milton H. Erickson

The Counselling Contract

You will be given a contract on your first visit. However, for your information and clarity, I provide a copy herewith for your perusal

Gina Bate MBACP

Registered Member of The British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists

Diploma H.E. in Humanistic Counselling

The Counselling Contract 


This is a mutual agreement negotiated between the Counsellor and the Client prior to the commencement of counselling. It articulates the responsibilities of the Counsellor and Client in the context of the therapeutic relationship they are going to undertake together. 



This is a key aspect of the counselling relationship. Everything discussed in the counselling sessions is kept in the strictest confidence. As a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) my work is bound within its Ethical Framework and Good Practice of Counselling & Psychotherapy. I also have the responsibility and commitment to work under regular supervision. This entails that I may have to share and discuss some of the information of our sessions with a qualified supervisor, always under a strict confidential and professional framework. The client identity is always kept anonymous. 


It is important you inform the counsellor at the beginning of the sessions of any medical treatment you might be following. 

Under the law there are limits to my confidentiality, which are as follows: 

  • Prevention of Terrorism Act

  • The Children’s Act 

  • The Road Traffic Act 

  • The Drug Trafficking Act 


I will ask for your GP’s name and address and your next of kin. 

If you express an intention to harm yourself or another person, I reserve the right to break confidentiality to prevent harm.

I will endeavour to gain consent for this, but in case of an imminent threat, I would do so without consulting you. 




Sessions are usually 50 minutes long and cannot be extended in the event of you being late. Our session will usually be held on a weekly basis, although this can be negotiated to suit specific requirements. The sessions take place face to face. If the client’s circumstances change and the session time and day are no longer suitable the counsellor will try to offer alternatives more convenient to the client. The sessions may be recorded by the counsellor to use for supervision purposes. Any recording will be deleted following supervision.  


Working Online/Skype/FaceTime

Working online is a very secure medium, providing some basic arrangements are put into place before counselling starts.  For instance, it is not desirable to use a shared or work computer.  However, sometimes this may be unavoidable, if this is the case, it is essential to take precautions to make sure you keep your data secure and private. 

Consideration must also be given to the time and circumstances when you are making contact. It is not desirable if you are likely to be overlooked or disturbed – so ideally a secure and quiet environment should be sought. Before online counselling can begin, we agree when and how it will take place. We also need to have a back-up plan for a technology crash (the internet and computers are still not 100% effective all of the time) and other emergency situations. This is outlined below.


Technical issues

When dealing with technology, unfortunately anything can go wrong.  Although in my experience these times are very few.  However, if you were unable to get online you may wish to leave me a text or telephone message on 07765045080 and I would do the same for you on the number you have provided. If we are disconnected at any point during the session, I will attempt to reconnect for up to 10 minutes. If I am unsuccessful, I will text or call you to let you know that we can no longer continue our session and we will need to rebook. If I feel you are at risk of hurting yourself or someone else and I cannot contact you, I will immediately call your next of kin or emergency services. There will be no refunds or additional costs, we will simply reschedule for another time that week or wait until our next session. 


Guidelines for Emergency Contact 

In the event of an emergency arising whilst we are engaged in online work, I would discuss with you the appropriate support that you could access during this period. If you found yourself in a major crisis and were considering serious self-harm, it would be vital to get immediate help. This could include contacting your GP, or your nearest accident and emergency service (A & E). 



The fee is payable at each counselling session and will increase annually. The introductory fee is £25. There after the fee is £48 unless you qualify for a concessionary fee of £38 for retired clients over 65 or the unemployed.

Currently if your session is between 9am - 4pm, Monday to Thursday your fee will be at the reduced off peak rate of £42..Payment is required before your session. 


Payment options 

Cash for which a receipt will be provided, or bank transfer. If the latter the account details are: 

Lloyds Bank account in the name of: Mrs G Bate 

Sort code: 30-93-17    Account No: 00182266

Payment directly into the bank account will be deemed as proof of payment, please ask if you require a receipt. 



Cancellations and Holidays 

Cancellation of sessions with less than 48 hours notice I reserve the right to charge the full fee. The counsellor will always aim to give the client as much notice as possible of any holidays, training workshops, conferences or illness that might prevent her from being available for the scheduled session. The counsellor will try to offer an alternative arrangement. 


Sessions will not take place if the client is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. 



Contact outside the sessions 

The phone number and email address provided are to be used exclusively for client enquiries, cancellations, changes or for messages. Please note that messages will be monitored regularly but not continuously. Therefore, in case of an emergency you are advised to call the appropriate emergency services, such as your doctor, an ambulance etc. The counsellor will however reply to all messages as soon as possible. 



This contract is between Gina Bate (Counsellor) and (Client):  


Client’s contact details:







Please read this contract carefully. 

If you wish to negotiate any changes I will be happy to discuss this. 


Client signature:                          Date:

Counsellor signature:                  Date: 

Gina Bate MBACP